Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Schedules posted

As a reminder, legislators are on break. Here is a preview of what to expect when lawmakers come back to work next week.

Monday, April 25
Easter/Passover Legislative Break

Tuesday, April 26
8:15 AM
House Education Reform
Room: Basement State Office Building
Chair: Rep. Sondra Erickson
HF1487 (Myhra) Statewide literacy initiative formulated to ensure students succeed in achieving grade-level reading proficiency by the end of grade 3, and data provided to improve student outcomes.
HF1381 (Erickson) Prekindergarten through grade 12 education policy provided, including general education, education excellence, special programs, facilities and technology, early childhood education, and student transportation.

8:30 AM
Senate Finance
Room: 123 Capitol
Chair: Sen. Claire A. Robling
S.F. 509-Limmer: Voter photo identification requirement; picture identification issuance provisions; provisional balloting procedure establishment; challenged voter eligibility list establishment; electronic polling place roster standard for use establishment and use.

8:30 AM
Conference Committee on H.F. 42: Omnibus tax bill
Room: 15 Capitol
Chairs: Sen. Julianne E. Ortman and Rep. Greg Davids
SENATE: Ortman; Rosen; Senjem; Chamberlain; Limmer
HOUSE: Davids; Lenczewski; Runbeck; Anderson; Loon
Agenda: H.F. 42-Ortman: Omnibus tax bill.

9:00 AM
Conference Committee on S.F. 887: Omnibus jobs and economic development
Room: 107 Capitol
Chairs: Sen. Geoff Michel and Rep. Bob Gunther
SENATE: Michel; Pederson; Miller; Daley; Lillie
HOUSE: Gunther; Hoppe; McFarlane; Sanders; Kieffer
Agenda: S.F. 887-Michel: Omnibus jobs and economic growth and development appropriations.

10:30 AM
Senate Commerce and Consumer Protection
Room: 123 Capitol
Chair: Sen. Chris Gerlach
SF 26 (Rest): Homeowners insurance surcharge disclosure requirement
SF 918 (Gerlach) Omnibus Liquor Bill
SF 1208 (Sparks) Life insurance and title insurance reserves regulation

12:00 PM
House in Session

12:00 PM
Senate in Session

7:30 PM
House Taxes
Room: 200 State Office Building
Chair: Rep. Greg Davids
HF1231 (Paymar) Policy, technical, administrative, enforcement, and other changes made to individual income, corporate franchise, estate, sales and use, property, insurance, and other taxes and tax-related provisions, and conforming to Internal Revenue Code changes.
*NOTE: HF1231 is Governor Dayton's tax plan*